Game Of The Year 2017 – Ali

Game Of The Year - Ali

Game Of The Year 2017 – Ali

6 – Assassins Creed Origins – Xbox One X

Ubisoft opted to take a year off from the Assassin’s Creed franchise after a game every year since 2007 with a little break between 1 & 2 and then Syndicate to Origins (or Oranges if you go with auto correct version). Ubisoft has done well with taking a break and taking more time to develop this game. The combat has changed and if you are against lots of enemies at once they will all try and take you down at once rather than taking it in turn like in previous games. The game looks fantastic, I was playing on my Xbox One S and then upgraded to the X and it’s looks fantastic. They have done a great job with the 4K upgrade and you can really lose yourself in the Egyptian desert. If you had any fatigue from the series this is a great time to jump back in and get your teeth into this new version.

7 – Stardew Valley – Nintendo Switch

Well who would have thought that you could have so much fun playing a 16bit game where you are farming your own land. I will be honest and for anyone who listens to me on the podcast these kind of games aren’t something I normally go for however this is a great game and so relaxing. The best thing about the game is that it is now on the Switch which it is perfect for and there are so many more game coming. I will leave it there because we have talked about this on a few episodes this year.

8 – Mario Odyssey – Nintendo Switch

Mario is true to his form and back in style. My only regret is not playing the game enough to warrant a full review or a spot high enough up on the list however it has made enough impact that it has got this spot on the my list. This is the first Mario game I have played since Super Mario 64, I owned a Wii but never picked up a stand alone Mario game so for me it is nice to be back controlling the plumber.

9 – GT Sport – Playstation 4

Well who would have thought it, we have got to the number 9 spot and I haven’t mentioned a racing game yet. Well here goes. This year has been a stellar year for racing games we have had about 6 or more racing titles released this year and there have been some crackers, however, they have all been released at the same time as other games and I will be straight here Forza for the past 5 or more years has had a spot in my top 5 let alone the top 10 however this year just isn’t the year. For titles such as Project Cars 2, F1 2017 and Dirt 4 they are all pretty good games however I just haven’t had the time to play them and set up my wheel to fully enjoy them to their full potential. Forza 7 has lots of issues even at the time of typing this out there are some big forum leagues who are going back to Forza 6 or rather than taking a back step going over to Project Cars 2. This is big in the virtual racing would, anyway enough about the other games what about GT Sport.

GT Sport is high up on my list because it is a good solid racing game and the only reason it isn’t higher up on my list is because I am struggling with the controller a little and feel like I need to use a wheel with it*. The game is great though GT is back to what I remember as a kid playing the game, they have stripped out a lot of the game from other titles and gone down the sport route so no changing your oil and washing your car which I loved and would love to see it here but I understand why it’s not in. The game plays great and I love doing the license test in the game which makes GT games for me. The game, until the most recent patch, is mainly online but I am/was ok with that now they have adding single player races even better. There was plenty to do in the game without needed a single player element because other than the license races there are track test too to learn the tricky parts of a track and then attack it on a full lap.

*I have ordered a CronusMax Driver hub which will allow me to use my Thrustmaser TX wheel with my PS4 because wheels are locked to a certain console. I ordered this back in October but has been on backorder so sometimes just before Christmas I will be able to use my wheel with this game.

10 – Call Of Duty WW2 – PS4

Well who would have thought that this would have been a purchase let alone in my top 10, having not played a COD game since Ghosts, I think it was, I thought it would be a long time yet until I picked up another COD game then they announced they were going back to basics with the setting in WW2 they had my interest. I played a little of the beta and a few of my mates picked it up and I thought I would join in and get it too. So far I am impressed I have mainly been playing multiplayer but what I have played it good, still frustrating because I am not the best but I have my rounds where I nail it. The single player is decent however I have only done a few of these missions.

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