Game Of The Year 2017 – Ali

Game Of The Year 2017 – Ali 6 – Assassins Creed Origins – Xbox One X Ubisoft opted to take a year off from the Assassin’s Creed franchise after a game every year since 2007 with a little break between 1 & 2 and then Syndicate to Origins (or Oranges if you go with auto … More Game Of The Year 2017 – Ali


  Beauty in the bizarre Time, gravity & the laws of physics are the only enemies you need to defeat in this totally unique and completely mind bending puzzle game. The objective sounds ridiculously simple, allow your artist’s mannequin to move from point A to point B by moving the beautifully simplistic structures around with … More Echochrome

Induction – Review

In German the word schadenfreude means “pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune”. Unfortunately they don’t have a similar word for the pleasure derived by yourself by your own frustration. This is how I feel when playing Induction. Induction is an abstract and minimalist puzzle game about time travel and paradoxes with more than … More Induction – Review