Meet The Team

Behold! The crazy crew that is Lapsed Gamer Radio! Her are our links and gamer tags should you want to add us on various platforms.

Mark Hamer

Twitter: @BasementShaxx

PSN: GoldmanShaxx
XBL: GoldmanShaxx
Nintendo Switch: SW-0458-8038-9015

Adam Ducker

Twitter: @flameboy84

Steam: flameboyne
XBL: flameboyNE
PSN: flameboyCA
Google Play: Adam Ducker

Andy Pidhajeckyj

Twitter: @andypidy

PSN: andypid
Steam: andypid
XBL: Do have one, but can’t remember it

Mark “Chazzee” Reay

Twitter: @Ch4zzee

Nick Case

Twitter: @HauntedCryme