LGR April Preview

April, the time when the lambs should be leaping and the piglets suckling, flowers start blooming and a freshness comes into everybody’s steps as the sun makes an appearance. So as Spring is the sign of new beginnings LGR have decided to do a new feature and select some games that we are looking forward … More LGR April Preview

Super Smashing Great Game Interview / Foreveracers Review

This is an interview with Super Smashing Great Games and a review of their first game Foreveracers How did the name Super Smashing Great Games come about? There’s a mix of influences. Initially, it was a bit of false bravado, and a play on the old school game name conventions like ‘super mega ultra. It … More Super Smashing Great Game Interview / Foreveracers Review

LGR:Play – Tek Support

The first full episode of LGR:Play is here, in which Mark and Adam discuss the intriguing text adventure Subsurface Circular, from acclaimed indie developer Mike Bithell. If you’d like to appear on an episode of LGR:Play then tweet us or shoot an email over to lapsedgamerradio@gmail.com