Monthly Mobile Review Roundup – November

(re)format-Z: (Developed by Blindflug Studios. Available on iOS and Android) The year is 2117. The location is Zurich. The setting is a dystopian future (aren’t they always). You play as Alice, a hacker and rebel who is trying to infiltrate LIBRIA Corp’s system. You were unsuccessful. LIBRIA know what you have done and want you … More Monthly Mobile Review Roundup – November

EGX 2017

Well EGX 2017 has been and gone, and during the 2 days I was there I managed to see and play some games, meet some people, see the sights, and even went to the Friday night after party! I really enjoyed EGX this year, and overall I would say it was better than last year. … More EGX 2017

Monthly Mobile Review Roundup – September 

“Well some of the crowd are on on the pitch. They think it’s all over! Well it is now!” Retro Soccer (Developed by EightPixelsSquare. Available on Android & iOS) Retro Soccer immediately played on my nostalgia emotions by having a loading screen border like Spectrum 48k games when it is starting up and in game it … More Monthly Mobile Review Roundup – September