225 – Dibbles

Mark and Nick are joined by the lovely Ger (Geekachu, A Little Pod of Everything) to talk about our favourite cocktails, spicy food, expensive gaming peripherals, plus lots of chat about video games including an extended discussion on the Diablo IV open beta.

224 – CIA Alerted

The boys are back to cover another video game movie adaptation, and this one isn’t completely terrible. So join Mark, Nick, and Andy as they delve into the world of martial-arts tournaments, beach volleyball, and sinister global plots in 2006’s DOA: Dead or Alive.

223: Sonic Jail

In the latest episode Mark is joined by Nick and Chazzee to discuss the many crimes of Yuji Naka, Formula One driver poses, the joys of being miniature in video games, and whether the term JRPG is a slur, plus lots of chat about what we’ve been playing.

222: LGR Hall of Fame episode 1 – Half-Life 2

In a special episode Mark, Nick, and Chazzee induct the first game into the Lapsed Gamer Radio Hall of Fame, a place where we celebrate the pinnacles of gaming world. So join us as we celebrate Half-Life 2, one of the most important games to ever be released, and one which still holds up nearly … More 222: LGR Hall of Fame episode 1 – Half-Life 2