Andy’s Top 10 Games Played in 2021

10-The Lord of the Rings-The Fellowship of the Ring

This game has been on my collection for a long time, and I finally found the time to get around to play. The game follows the first book of The Lord of the Rings closely(Tom Bombadil makes an appearance) with some additional enemies that serve the design of the video game. What I loved about this game, is seeing how the developers interpreted Middle-Earth when the dominant images of the time about Middle-Earth, were from the film. Despite the gameplay not being top draw material, it is good to play through a magical interpretation of Tolkien’s world.

9-Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

The last game in the remake series, and despite over time the quality of the series waning, it is still a very good game. The graphics are stunning, with the jungle feeling alive, and the combat is as strong as ever. However, Shadow is held back by a weaker story, and some areas that felt like rehashes of the past. An enjoyable game nevertheless.

8-Battlefield 1

A visually stunning game; one of my abiding gaming memories of 2021 is flying a WW1 biplane across the Alps and seeing wisps of snow floating into the air. Battlefield 1 has a series of single player missions that are all varied, but not connected. You can fly planes, control tanks, and even be an armoured soldier, able to withstand bullets. They are all challenging and fun, but lack the coherency of a single story.

7-Far Cry 5

This is the first main Far Cry game I have played to completion, with the attraction that the game was set in Montana. The open world aspects of Far Cry are all in play here, and the world is so detailed; Go where you want, do what you want and play the game as you want. However, the story is the weak point, and the contrived reasons for you being captured, along with then having to escape, was frustrating. It is a lot of fun, and challenging at times. However, the WTF moment at the end really annoyed me, since there was no set-up for it happening.

6-Among Us

Have you always wanted to be the traitor and kill people? Tried to blag your way out of a murder? If you have then, Among Us is the game for you. An excellent multiplayer game that is so simple it’s criminal. Complete the missions, but beware that anyone could be a traitor. This game makes you distrust everyone, and has you accusing everyone. This game, will have you laughing, cursing, but most of all give you so much fun.

5-The Bard’s Tale Vol 1-Tales of the Unknown Remastered

My oldest game on the list comes from 1982. It is the remastered edition of the first The Bard’s Tale,, which allows you to save anywhere. The story is very basic- there’s a bad guy and go and kill him. However there is something quite pure and relaxing in just sorting out your party, equipping them and levelling them out, with out going through lots of menus, lots of choices and moral ambiguity. If you want to see where many modern RPG ideas come from, then play The Bard’s Tale Vol 1.

4-R-Type Dimensions

To many this the king’s of shoot-em- up. It is now available in a that remastered form, along with its sequel. There so many ease of life options in this game, that it does cater to all abilities. You have infinite modes, two player co-op, and you are able to change between two graphic modes. However if you just want to shoot aliens, with some strategy and have a blast then this game should be on your hard drive. The package is excellent value, despite the game not being long. Also the new switch version has even more features.

3-Spyro the Dragon Remastered.

Dad’s have always been sneaky in trying to get their children to like what they like, and this game was one of those which sucked my daughter into the gaming world. This game is a stunning remake, and looks gorgeous. Colours are  bright and vivid, making it look like an animated film. The controls are straightforward, and despite some tough areas, the game is always engaging. Highly recommended.

2- Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition

Sleeping Dogs had a troubled development, but has turned out to be one of the best open world games on the market. Set in Hong Kong, you play as an undercover cop, infiltrating the Triads. It’s a good story, taking inspiration from some of the best undercover cop films. It could have been deeper, and some real internal conflict, about getting involved with Triads and the choices that you make, would have made excellent.. However, the city feels alive, and the combat is a real highlight of the game. At first you feel slow, wooden, and will struggle to hit anything. However, a few unlockable moves later and you feel like Jackie Chan; you glide and flow, taking on multiple foes with ease, and the game is a joy. Also you can’t beat picking up a big fish and hitting people over the head with it.

1-Streets of Rage IV

This game, has style, a flow, and an ease in how it plays that caters to all abilities. You will be pulling off outrageous moves, and delivering combos in a matter of minutes. The gameplay despite being a simplistic premise has depth. The story is straightforward, but the levels are well designed and always pushing you forward. This is a real tour de force and has been the game I enjoyed the most. Mix nostalgia with modern gameplay and you get Streets of Rage IV.

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