LGR August Preview

Summer rolls on, and so do the new releases.

Video Games:

Madden ’20 [2nd August]

The official start of silly season, however I am a big NFL fan and this is always a consistently good game.


Age of Wonders:Planetfall [6th August]

This classic fantasy RTS now turns to the future, and comes into consoles.


Wreckfest [27th August]

This reminds me so much of Destruction Derby, which Sony should just remake.



Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw [1st August]

Enjoy the action that The Rock and The Stath have to offer, and they usually provide entertaining films.


Once Upon a Time….in Hollywood [14th August]

Combining Tarantino with DiCaprio, Pitt and Robbie. I love Tarantino films and this looks like another great film, set in the 60’s.


Playmobil: The Movie [9th August]

A strange one, but I loved the trailer, and this could be a surprisingly good…or not.


Blu-ray & DVD:

Iron Man 1-3 4k Blu-Ray [12th August]

This is where the MCU began with a risk- Iron Man. It still stands up today, and now the trilogy is in 4k.


Apocalypse Now: The Final Cut [19th August]

So this is now supposed to be Coppola’s best version of his seminal film. It’s only taken 40 years.


The Banana Splits Movie [26th August]

So I remember this is as a kids show, but now it’s been remade as a horror. For some of you this could be the one where the saying “destroyed my childhood” applies.



The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance [30th August]

I recently watched the film, and it still holds up. The story, is a good one, and the puppets were excellent. This is the prequel to the film, and looks how  the Skekhis took control.


Carnival Row [30th August]

A fantasy where fantasical creatures are fleeing their war-torn homeland, to a Neo-Victorian city. Tensions start rising between the immigrants and citizens. Remind you of something?


Celestine: The Living Saint


Saint Celestine is one of the greatest warriors of 40K. She is immortal and keeps returning from death, over and over again. This book answers the question, what happens when she dies?


Snow, Glass, Apples [20th August]

snow glass

A retelling of Snow White by the great Neil Gaiman and Colleen Doran.


Bloodborne: A Song of Crows [20th August]


The continuing  story about Eileen the Crow, who prowls Yarnham whilst it’s buried in snow.




Build Ragusa(Dubrovnik) in the 15th Century; construct great towers, boost trade and find your fortune.


Old West Empresario

old west

The thematic sequel to Pioneer days arrives, and after surviving the journey west, you now have to try and build a prosperous town in the new Western territories.

Warhammer Release of the Month:

Warhammer War Cry

war cry.jpg

This offers skirmish warfare in the Age of Sigmar. The miniatures look great, and the early reports are very positive.


Enjoy the sun, rain, wind, thunder & lightning!



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