LGR July Preview

Summer is here, and we should be outside but will these beauties convince you to stay in?

Video Games:

Dragon Quest Builders 2 [12th July]

The first one was a surprising hit, and one that I keep meaning to play, and now comes the sequel.


Sea of Solitude [5th July]

Any game that tackles mental health in an empowering way, is one worthy of checking out.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 – Black Order [19th July]

I love Marvel, and this game is the one that might actually convince me to get a Switch; Yeah this game, not Mario, Splatoon or Breath of the Wild.


Wolfenstein: Youngblood [26th July]

Love the first games in the series, but still need to play the sequel, but if this is close to the quality of the earlier games this will be a lot of fun.


Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot [26th July]

There’s also a VR game coming out.



Spider-Man-Far from Home [2nd July]

Following on from the magnificent Avengers Endgame, we follow the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, as he takes his neighbourhood abroad.

The Lion King [19th July]

The Lion King gets a CGI makeover.

Horrible Histories The Movie – Rotten Romans [26th July]

I love Horrible Histories, and now the team have made a movie, that we all need to watch.



Friday Night Lights Seasons 1-5 [8th July]

One of the best TV shows I have ever seen. Even if you don’t like American Football, you will find something in this series to love. Also as a bonus you get the film as well. Clear eyes, full heart!


Captain Marvel [15th July]

I really enjoyed this film, when it came out earlier this year. Brie Lawson was excellent as Captain Marvel.


Weird Science [22nd July]

Arrow films have done a new remastered version of one of my favourite films from the 1980’s. Silly, but a lot of fun.



The Witcher Vol 4: Of Flesh and Flame


The Witcher comics were my first encounter with Geralt and the Witcher world, so I’m looking forward to continuing the series.


Becoming Superman: A Writer’s Journey from Poverty to Hollywood with Stops Along the Way at Murder, Madness, Mayhem, Movie Stars, Cults, Slums, Sociopaths, and War Crimes [23rd July]


JM Straczynski was one of the my favourite writers when I was younger. He was famous for Babylon 5, among other things including a great run on the Spider-Man comic. Should be an intriguing read.



Star Trek: Conflick in the Neutral Zone

So flicking has been part of gaming for many years, and now you have a chance to flick ships from Star Trek.




Essentially this is Aliens the boardgame. You wake up on a ship, and you need to work together to fix it, however strange sounds can be heard…


Warhammer release of the Month:

The Burden of Loyalty


The 48th book, in the Horus Heresy series finally comes to paperback. This features a number of short stories, some in print for the first time. The loyalists face a struggle for survival, whilst Horus’s forces draw ever closer to Terra.

That’s all for another month!


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