Andy’s Top 10 Games Played in 2018

10 – Ryse Son of Rome

Ryse Son of Rome

The last game I played in 2018 made its way into the top 10, partly because I am a sucker for a game based on Ancient History. There aren’t many 3rd person games set in Rome (I can only remember Shadow of Rome on the PS2), but the graphics are stunning, even if the story and gameplay can’t quite match.  The game is a little like God of War, but can’t seem to decide if it wants to be a realistic game or dive fully into the mythological aspect of Rome. As such it treads the middle ground, which makes the story forgettable. Also forget about any historical accurateness, in terms of events and characters, and enjoy a few hours in Rome.

9 – Skylanders Imaginators

Skylanders Imaginators

The last game of the franchise and whilst not as good as previous games, it still provides a lot of fun. The unique feature in this game is that you can create your own characters and use them to play the game. The game play is solid, but not spectacular, however there is fun to be had either solo or co-op.

8 – Rogue Trooper Redux

Rogue Trooper Redux

This is the remastered game that was originally released on the Xbox and PS2. It’s a 3rd person cover based shoot-em up, and it’s evident where games like Gears of War took some of their inspiration from. The remastered game can’t quite hide the limitations of the original, and the controls aren’t as fluid. However, the Bafta winning story and script are very good, (there’s not many gams where you argue with your gun), and along with some original gameplay elements, means that this game provides a pleasant walk down nostalgia road.

7 – Human Fall Flat

You only have to watch the two LGR Play videos, to see why I enjoyed this game so much.

6 – Lego Batman 3

Another Lego game, makes its way into my yearly top ten. It took a little while for me to click with this game, but I’m glad it did. You play through various levels bashing bricks either solo or co-op. The gameplay hasn’t changed too much since the original game, and it does provide a lot of fun, however the highlight of the game, is the Batman’66 bonus level-pure awesomeness.

5 – Batman-A Tell-tale Game-Season 1


A new take on Batman by the now closed Tell-tales, and they produced one of their best games. The twists of the familiar characters are intriguing and the story is engaging. I have some issues with the gameplay, and how the detective system is implemented. The game could have focused on Batman being “The world’s best detective”, but if you love Batman then this is a no brainer.

4 – Resident Evil 7-Biohazard

Resident Evil 7

I have played all the Resident Evil games, and the first sections of this game, where you explore the two houses, provide some of the best scares of the series. The first person mode is effective for this game, providing a sense of tension that helps the atmosphere. Apart from the usual silly shenanigans towards the end, this is a return to form for the series.

3 – Dungeons and Dragons-Shadow over Mystera

Dungeons and Dragons

I enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, and this game is not only one of the best Dungeons and Dragons games, but also one of the best side scrolling beat em ups. It feels like Golden Axe, but adds RPG elements mechanics. You are able to level up your character and improve your magic and weapons. The choice of characters is varied and there are numerous routes through the game, so adding replay ability. The graphics are excellent, and the level of challenge is perfect.

2 – Spec Ops- The Line

Spec Ops

A short game, that despite the mechanics and war theme being familiar, the story makes this a must play. It focuses on a group of soldiers and how PTSD affects them along with the mental affect of war. Be aware, there are some shocking scenes.

1 – Warhammer Vermintide

Warhammer Vermintide

A Warhammer game at No 1?!!! Hell Yeah!!! Vermintide puts you into the role of a number of hero characters and gives you multiple missions to complete and kill lots of Skaven (Ratmen). Sounds simple? Well, it is, but this game requires teamwork. You have to work together with up to 3 other players to complete the missions, and if you go running off, then you’ll get killed pretty quickly. You can upgrade your characters, with better weapons either by beating the levels, which allow you to roll some dice, or forging new weapons. The maps are varied and allow you to make strategic decisions, before the swarms of Skaven attack. It captures that feeling of desperation, that permeates the Old World, and when you do beat back attacks there is a feeling of relief and exhilaration. Also for me, there has been no better feeling in 2018, than swinging a large Warhammer and crushing two or three Skaven with one blow.

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