Game of the Year 2017 – Andy

Game Of The Year Andy

  1. Dragon Age Inquisition Game Of The Year Edition (PS4)

After enjoying the first two games, it was a given that I was going to play this, and play this game I did. In fact I put in 136 hrs into this game and all its DLC, making it my most played PlayStation game (beating Call of Duty-Modern Warfare). Inquisition finds the middle ground between Origins and the 2nd game, making it a fun RPG. You are the Inquisitor and, having a survived an explosion, have to travel around Thedas, with your companions closing portals and eventually fighting the big bad; which is typical fantasy fare. However the lore in Dragon Age is deep, fascinating and sends the various factions in some interesting directions. Bioware have created a world and a wide range of characters that everybody deserves to experience.

The combat is easy to pick up, and how you control your companions and magic is streamlined. However whilst the main story is a good story, the side quests are very generic and really don’t go beyond a number of fetch quests. In addition there are really too many things to do in this game, and it can be a little overwhelming, even after all the hrs I put in I didn’t see and complete everything in the game. However, with the addition of the DLC this is an outstanding package.


  1. Fantavison (PS4)

In the summer I quite fancied playing a puzzle game, and remembered Fantavison which was originally released back in 2000, as a PS2 launch title.  I’d always wanted to play the game, but just never got round to it, so I made a real effort to get the game, and was pleasantly surprised that it was on PS4. The gameplay involves you stringing together fireworks of the same colour, and then detonating them, creating wondrous pyrotechnic explosions, and boosting your score. It’s simple but creating those explosions is so much fun.



  1. Shadow of the Beast (PS4)

A PS4 exclusive that was announced at E3 2015, and then came out to little fanfare, which is a great shame, because this was another fun little game. The older ones amongst you will remember Shadow of the Beast from 1989, which was a gorgeous looking game, but lacked good gameplay. It was also really, really hard.

The new version, gives us a strange 3d/ side scrolling viewpoint, but improves on the gameplay. You are the Beast, who manages to break the control of the masters and decide to stop them stealing babies, and turning them into beasts. The game is very bloody, and the way you kill your enemies is very satisfying. Despite only pressing one or two buttons, you don’t perform the same style of punches, but different ones, which produces a smooth flowing fighting style. The game has leader boards and also includes the 1989 original. I have to admit I just used the infinite energy cheat, and even then I had to restart due to doing things in the wrong order. A hidden gem on the PS4.


  1. Lego The Hobbit (PS4)

Another year, another Lego game. We might as well accept we live in a Lego world. This is a movie tie-in, following the story of the first two films, where Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf & 13 dwarves all go on an adventure to kill Smaug. This follows the Lego template set by previous Lego games. Story levels, and an open world, however with a couple of neat twists. Firstly to progress you need to collect resources, so that you are able to make certain items, and secondly there is a day and night cycle, with only certain missions being available during either. Nothing ground breaking but does spice things up nicely. You can’t beat playing Lego co-op, and despite some minor quibbles this game is a lot of fun. The one major disappointment, there’s still no DLC release of the 3rd film.


  1. Disney Infinity 3 (PS4)

Three strikes and Disney Infinity was out. However, Disney Infinity 3 wasn’t the bust, it was a home run, and it was where the potential of Infinity was finally achieved. The main thrust of this edition was the Star Wars licence with 3 level packs being made. Infinity explored the prequels, the classic trilogy and the Force Awakens. Improved level design, better signposting and hiring the Heavenly Sword creators to improve the combat all lead to a more enjoyable experience. There were still some issues, such as Leia’s blaster sounds and the classic level pack harking back to previous editions, but these were minor issues.

The developers then really shook things up with further packs;  Finding Dory, was a side scrolling game, where you controlled Nemo or Dory, and reminded me of the mega drive classic Ecco the Dolphin. Inside/Out was another fun platform game, that provided some mind bending experiences; finally Marvel fighters was a great little fighting game, in the mould of Super Smash Bros.

Disney Infinity also had co-op, so is an ideal game for Lapsed Gamers with children, that appeals to all ages.

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