Beauty in the bizarre

Time, gravity & the laws of physics are the only enemies you need to defeat in this totally unique and completely mind bending puzzle game.

The objective sounds ridiculously simple, allow your artist’s mannequin to move from point A to point B by moving the beautifully simplistic structures around with your thumb-sticks and making new routes by using forced or altered perspective.

In reality though this can be equal measures mystifying and dizzying as you have to disengage all you know of the natural order of things and start viewing things as an alien from the 7th dimension or an over stimulated small penguin.

To add to the confusion and intensify the already weighty challenge ahead, there’s a time limit to beat on every one of the 96 puzzles.

As a lapsed or infrequent gamer at the very least, I’ve found this a really fine game to have a go at on a very casual basis, I’ve completed many of the puzzles, but i’ve been playing it this way since it was released as a PlayStation 3 download in 2008. The puzzles are timed so the gameplay is as short or as long as you want, but personally I’ve found that the longer you go at it in one session, the more it seems like the Guatemalan insanity peppers have kicked in as it’s all starting to make sense and yes, you are indeed the king of the penguins…




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