GOTY Part One

We’re back, kicking-off 2017 with Part One of our favourite games played in 2016 special. Due to the size of the team and the time it took last time we have split these episodes down into easier parts for you all to listen to. In this episode we are talking about our  5, 4 & 3rd games in our lists, in the next episode we will be revealing our 2nd place and our Game Of The Year games. For the remaining games to complete our top ten’s you will find them on the blog in due course.

Please be aware as you will know from as a listener to Lapsed Gamer Radio that we are very different from normal gamer’s because we play old games too so don’t be surprised if you hear a few games on our lists that were not released in 2016.

You can get this latest episode here: GOTY Part One






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