LGR 2016: Episode 30 – Lapsed News XXI

Direct download: http://lapsedgamerradio.podbean.com/e/lgr-2016-episode-30-lapsed-news-xxi/

Last week was the drawback before the oncoming tsunami. It’s arrived with this episode. Horns are locked over the latest news from Sony. In the blue corner we have Mark Hamer with Stuart Cullen in the green while Andy Pidhajeckyj tries desperately to keep it a good clean fight.

Normally there’s a look at what’s going on in the game world this week, but sometimes things don’t quite go to plan…

Games discussed in this episode are: Overwatch, Pokemon Go, Final Fantasy VIII, Grow Up, Halo 5, Hue, Binaries, Heroquest & Madden 16

LGR still have a few free games to give away and the doc can be found at:


The Lapsed Gamer Radio Team created this episode and it was edited by Cevin Moore.

Original LGR themes, FX and music cues created and composed by Cevin Moore.

Other music used in this episode was chosen by Cevin Moore

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Seconds out…

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