LGR 2016: Episode 19 – Lapsed News XIV

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Hello and welcome to Lapsed Gamer Radio. The Pound has fallen so far it’s worth less than empty crisp packets, bands of angry racists are prowling the streets telling all the Poles to go home, and our next PM might be Boris fucking Johnson. So fuck it, let’s talk about video games.

This week, Mark and Cev are joined by two new crew members: professional gamer Stuart Cullen and prolific Youtuber Alistair ‘CornWolf’ Cornwall.

After a few weeks away from the regular news show, the gang catch up on what’s grabbed their attention in the world of games. We also run through and discuss games we have been playing recently. The games covered include: VALENTINO ROSSI THE GAME, GUILTY GEAR XRD – REVELATOR, TECHNOMANCER, OVERWATCH, HITMAN, THE WITCHER 3 – BLOOD AND WINE, SAMSUNG GEAR VR, JUST CAUSE 3, TRIALS OF THE BLOOD DRAGON, THE CREW and many others.

News Links:

Burnout Dev’s Extreme Sports Game Canceled and Here’s Why

Nintendo NX could be cartridge based

Overwatch’s Torbjörn is getting a nerf on consoles

Game Giveaway

50+ games in total to giveaway on Steam and all listeners need to do is go to the GoogleDoc link in the shownotes (via Podbean or the blog) and put their twitter handle or email address beside any game(s) they want (within reason. We want to be fair to all our listeners)

It’s on a first come first served basis and we’ll send the links out about once a week via Twitter DM or email

We hope to keep this as a running thing throughout the year and will add more codes when we get them. If any listeners have any duplicate codes that they wish to donate we will happily pass them on to the other listeners (and give appropriate shoutouts). Email us or DM the @lapsedgamer twitter feed

This episode was created by the Lapsed Gamer Team. Edited by Cevin Moore, with music selections by all the hosts.

Original LGR themes, FX and music cues created and composed by Cevin Moore.

Other music samples used in this episode are from:

In Motion by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

My Secret Weapon by Mark Mothersbaugh

Orbitus Terarnum by BT

Overwatch: Rally The Heroes by Derek Duke and Prepare To Attack by Neal Acree & Derek Duke

Selections from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End by Henry Jackman

Jar Jar’s Introduction & Swim To Otoh Gungah & Duel Of The Fates by John Williams

Symphony No.7 in A Major Op.92 Il Allegretto By Ludwig Van Beethoven

Overwatch: The World Could Always Use More Heroes by Neal Acree, Sam Cardon & Derek Duke

Our next PlayList Game is The Wolf Among Us. Get it, play it and let us know your thoughts on the game in time for our dedicated episode recording in the weeks to come. We will also be covering the first few issues of the Fables comic series on one of our Ballyhoo! episodes of as well.

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Please check-out the ‘Lapsed Gamer’ channel on YouTube. Thank you for listening and best of luck with your own efforts to pick up the controller and play!

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