What is Lapsed Gamer Radio?

Becoming a lapsed gamer is usually something that happens by accident for a lot of people. Free time gets taken up with work and family or social activities. Money is spent on important things like mortgages, rent, food, heating and other bills. Soon that console or PC under your TV gets used more for Netflix or playing the Frozen DVD for the millionth time.

Lapsed Gamer Radio is a community of people who enjoy playing video games. We seek to unite lapsed and active gamers in a bid to re-energise the hobby for all involved, and rekindle the social aspect of gaming through engagement with each other.

As a community we want to talk about the games we are playing (both old and new), the games we are looking forward to, and the games we may have missed, or not even heard of. We want to talk about the shared experiences that games can produce, the emotions that games can evoke, and the games we love.

Through the podcast and the blog we’ll have shows and articles covering news, highlighting specific games, talking about the influence of games in other media, general discussion topics, and games we’re playing.

We want you, as part of the community, to get in contact with us. It can be feedback, game recommendations, your experiences as a gamer, or a particular topic that interests you or infuriates you. It can be an email, a tweet, a comment on the blog or Facebook, an audio recording, or even as a guest on the podcast.

Without you we are just a tree falling in the forest.


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